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Why should I use Eden Claims Loss Assessors?

Imagine the feeling of arriving to your home or office up in flames, all your belongings, all your work lost forever. The feeling of helplessness, the frustration and the loss. Who do you turn to for help?

Eden Claims and how can Eden Claims help?

1. Eden Claims will contact and negotiate with the Insurance company on your behalf. We have the experience of dealing with claims which allow us to take some of the pressure away.
2. We understand the small print of your policy which will ensure the best possible settlement.
3. Eden Claims will assess the damage and present a properly documented claim to allow a swift and fair settlement.
4. You will have one loss assessor appointed to you and they will be contactable from start to finish of the claim.

5. Eden Claims have a unique software system that gives you regular update on your claim and allows you to log on yourself, with your specific password, for a 24/7 update.

When you employ the services of Eden Claims you are employing the services of fully regulated and experiences loss assessing firm who will understand the need for a fair and swift settlement.
And always remember insurance companies may not like us but we LOVE claims.