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The provision of the peril of Theft within policies is designed to cover break-ins. Stealing by a member of the household or by tenants is specifically excluded in most policies. Usually Insurers will insist on the theft been reported to the Gardaí otherwise they may decline the claim. Other factors which Insurers take into account when dealing with Theft claims are whether entry was by means of force, are the locking mechanisms on windows and doors as per information received from policyholder at inception of policy and whether the house alarm was set at


How we can help?

Cases of Theft often affect homeowners the most as it leaves a feeling of intrusion and invasion of privacy into one’s home where they ordinarily feel safest. Eden Claims Management realise that these are difficult times for policyholders and promise to process your claim as quickly and professionally as possible. In many instances when an Insured suffers a loss due to theft there abiding concerns are the items that were taken, sometimes even if it’s just due to sentimental reasons. The homeowner is usually not in the right frame of mind to deal with a claim due to the stress of the ordeal of having a burglary in their home. It is important at this time to ensure that everything is covered in their claim. However by appointing a competent Loss Assessor, from Eden Claims Management, to help you deal with your claim you can be assured that items that may have been overlooked are included in a comprehensive statement of the claim which will have everything from missing items to re-decoration following damage to door frames.