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The definition of Subsidence is the sinking down of land resulting from natural shifts or human activity, frequently causing damage to buildings. Subsidence due to natural shifts are very uncommon in Ireland, the majority of Subsidence cases in Ireland are either due to poor workmanship / defective design, which is not covered by your home insurance policy, or an escape of water. Therefore the vast majority of Insurance claims in relation to subsidence are as a result of an escape of water underground. This may be caused by a leak from drains, gullies, heating pipes, water mains, etc. It is also common for the leak to be ongoing for quite some time and because it is underground it is usually not detected by the homeowner until they notice cracking in their home. The escape of water causes localised softening of the ground underneath the foundations which leads to the failure of the foundations, the buildings structure to shift and cracking to appear in walls and ceilings. As with all claims the onus is placed on the policyholder to prove that there is in fact a case of subsidence present. This means that the policyholder has to engage Engineers, Site Investigation Contractors, CCTV drainage contractors, etc in order to prove their loss. There is no help available from Insurance companies and they will tend not to engage in any negotiations until such time as there are reports available linking the damage to an Insured peril.

How we can help?

Subsidence cases tend to be most disruptive and usually one of the most expensive to remediate. Eden Claims Management have a proven track record with claims of this nature and have assembled a team of experts to advise, investigate and report so that the claim is dealt with as professionally and as efficiently as possible. We have partnered up with a Consulting Engineer, Site Investigation Team and a CCTV crew who are all experts at dealing with subsidence claims. Proving the claim is only the beginning however and following this Eden Claims Management in conjunction with the Engineer compile a scope of works for agreement with the appointed Loss Adjuster, prepare detailed priced bills of quantities, source quotes from specialist groundworks companies, negotiate the overall settlement including alternative accommodation for the policyholder while the works are in progress.