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Storm damage

The peril of storm damage in Insurance policy’s covers any damage that happens to your property as a result of extreme weather conditions such as high winds, torrential rain, blizzards, etc. Outside of one-off extreme weather  incidents such as a hurricane, etc most claims for storm damage arise from damage caused by strong winds to roof tiles and slates which then more often than not allow the ingress of water into a property. The onus is always on the policyholder to prove their loss. Insurance companies offer no support in this regard. With the most common claims made under this peril, which are as a result of strong winds, the damage may not become apparent for some time until there is heavy rain and then water damage is discovered internally. The problems that are encountered with claims of this nature is proving that water damage within your property is as a result of storm conditions and therefore whether it is covered under the policy. Insurers will always attempt to avoid settling and will argue that the damage was caused by wear and tear which is not covered by Insurance.


How we can help?

Eden Claims Management have a proven track record of getting storm claims successfully through the claims process. We can arrange for an experienced roofer to inspect your roof and provide a report as to whether the damage was as a result of storm conditions and when it was likely to have taken place. In conjunction with this we will review Met Eireann’s historical data for your particular area to ensure that when a claim is made that it is fully substantiated, backed up with data and reports to present the strongest possible case to the Insurance company.