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Most claims for impact damage are what is referred to in the Industry as “Third Party” claims. Third party claims occur when the damage is caused by a third party i.e. not the property owner and they then become responsible for the resultant damage. Usually they are in cases where a vehicle crashes into a boundary wall or a property causing damage. The claim is made under the third parties Insurance policy and does not affect the property owners insurance. In cases where the third party is unknown the property owner can make a claim under their own policy and Insurers will then seek to recover the costs of the settlement from the third party.


How we can help?

It is important that you the policyholder are represented by a qualified and regulated company that has the expertise required to help you substantiate your claim and be made fully aware of your rights under your policy. If appointed to your claim Eden Claims Management promise to ensure that you are put back in the position you were in prior to the loss and ensure you receive your full entitlement.