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If you can smell home heating oil in your home or outside your property this can be down to oil spillage or leak from your oil tank. The damage that this oil spillage causes to the soil and to your property is extensive. The odour in your property is damaging to your health and can make the house inhabitable.  We can help. First we need to get a plumber to stop the leak / spill to limit the damage. We then notify the insurance company on your behalf. Next we will employ the services of our oil spill remediation partners to commence with an immediate survey. The survey will map the extent of the leak / spill. This is done by taking soil sample tests from all around your property and sending off for independent analysis. We then are able to compile the report and send to the insurance company detailing the site specific treatment to rid your property of the contamination. This process can be as diverse as
  • Vacuum Extraction to reduce the oil odours and VOCs inside buildings
  • Emergency containment barriers, trenches and wells
  • Large and small excavation and disposal
  • In-situ bioremediation of soil and groundwater
  • Structural remediation
  • In-situ groundwater filtration and product recovery
  • Surface water remediation
  • Soil venting and large scale Vacuum Extraction
  • Chemical oxidisation
  • Combined excavation and in-situ treatment. We will be there through the entire process to ensure that your property is returned to its original state. If the oil has migrated beneath your property there may be need to excavate your floor to allow for remediation works. This will cause disruption to your daily life and may call for alternate accommodation while the works are completed. The entire process takes time and can take anywhere between eight to twelve weeks.