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Insurance claims involving the escape of water from a heating system, drainage system or any fixed domestic appliance are the most common claims that are encountered in Ireland. So much so that most Insurance companies have a higher policy excess on these claims than they do for any other claims with the exception of subsidence. Insurers have also restricted their liability in recent years by excluding certain types of claims notably for damage resulting from an escape of water from shower or bath units or from leaks that are gradual operating. Loss Adjusters, appointed by Insurance companies, are also in recent years attempting to limit the scope of works allowed on the smaller claims such as not allowing for an entire room to be re-decorated following ceiling damage. What sometimes may appear to be minor water damage can turn out to be causing much more damage than you could imagine once it is investigated further.


How we can help?

With Insurers seeking to limit their liability and reduce the amount of settlements that they pay out for escape of water claims it is important that you the policyholder are represented by a qualified and regulated company that has the expertise required to help you substantiate your claim and be made fully aware of your rights under your policy. If appointed to your claim Eden Claims Management promise to ensure that you are put back in the position you were in prior to the loss and ensure you receive your full entitlement.