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Fire damage

Claims due to Fire or smoke damage can be the most devastating claims possible. In many cases fire damage to a property can result in a total loss of the property .ie. the building will have to be totally demolished and re-built. In less drastic cases where the fire has been contained to one or two rooms the resultant smoke damage will find its way to every corner of the property which can cause damage to all the d├ęcor, soft furnishings and clothes that are in the property. There may also be damage to the property from the emergency services efforts to extinguish the fire such as water damage or a broken down door. Following a fire the insured has a lot to deal with, from securing the damaged property from further damage to looking after distraught family members, to finding alternative accommodation. It is therefore important to appoint a qualified and regulated Loss Assessor at an early stage who can relieve you of the added stress of dealing with an insurance claim.

How we can help?

Eden Claims Management can help relieve the pressure on the policyholder following a fire by taking over the entire claims process including contacting the Insurance company, checking the policy to see if there is adequate cover, organising for utilities and services to be dis-connected if required, meeting the Insurance companies appointed Loss Adjuster, determining the scope of works required, preparation of detailed priced bills of quantities, compiling an inventory of damaged items of contents, negotiation of settlement and procuring a competent Building Contractor, Tradesmen or Specialists if required.