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Business Interruption

Business Interruption claims are different to all the other types of claims as firstly they are as a result of another insured peril. Secondly they are not concerned with physical property damage, this will be covered elsewhere under the policy, but with loss of financial revenue. Sometimes referred to as ‘consequential loss’ Business Interruption cover looks to provide cover to Businesses who may suffer financially as a result of their business being interrupted by an incident out of their control such as any of the perils found in most policies like fire, flood, escape of water, impact damage, etc. Business Interruption cover is critical for every business regardless of size or turnover. The consequences of your business being out of operation for any period of time can have devastating effects, a survey concluded that 90% of Businesses who did not have BI cover failed within two years of dealing with such an event.

How we can help?

In the same respect it also critically important that when you do have BI cover that you ensure that you claim for your full entitlement under your policy. Eden Claims Management can help put you back in the position you were prior to your loss. Along with handling you property claim we can also compile your Business Interruption claim covering all aspects of the consequential loss which was suffered from the daily loss of profits to the cost of temporary facilities to additional expenses incurred. All aspects of the claim will be covered in order to fully substantiate your claim and to ensure your business survives.