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Burst pipes

Due to the harsh winters experienced in Ireland in 2009 and 2010 there were an extremely high number of these claims. In recent years due to much milder winters and better insulated homes they are a lot less common. However in periods of freezing temperatures there is always the possibility of your pipes freezing. In the majority of cases the actual damage takes place after the frost thaws and the water in your system starts to flow again and makes its way out of the cracks created by the frost. During the winters of 2009 and 2010 we seen that in instances of burst pipes the majority of the house would be affected leading to very disastrous consequences for the homeowners involved.


How we can help?

It is important to appoint a Loss Assessor who has the qualifications and experience to know what your policy allows to enable you to get the best settlement possible under your policy. To the average person there may not appear to be a difference between a burst pipe claim and an escape of water claim however there are subtle differences between the two, for instance any damaged pipework will not be covered under an escape of water claim but is covered under a burst pipe claim. As with all claims Eden Claims Management bring a high level of expertise and qualified personnel to manage your claim and help relieve the pressure on the homeowner. Eden Claims Management have a team of tried and trusted experts to call on if required to restore your home from the initial drying out to the decoration.