Home heating oil spillage, what do I do?

If you can smell home heating oil in your home or outside your property this can be down to oil spillage or leak from your oil tank. The damage...

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How to prepare for the cold temperatures and frozen pipes

With the first low temperatures of the winter it can be a stark reminder of what damage can be caused by frozen / burst pipes. When the water in...

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The 30% Rule

Are you aware that the insurance company hold up to 30% of your claim until you can provide proof of work completed and a relevant vat invoice. What this means...

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Is your insurance policy in joint names?

If your home insurance policy is in joint names any settlement cheque is issued in joint names. For example if you took out your home insurance policy when you...

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Why use a Claims Assessor

Why should I use Eden Claims Loss Assessors? Imagine the feeling of arriving to your home or office up in flames, all your belongings, all your work lost forever. The...

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