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Welcome to Eden Claims Management

Eden Claims is a fully regulated Claims Management firm providing a hassle free solution to Domestic and Commercial property claims, regardless of size or complexity. We deal direct with your insurance company and act on your behalf during negotiations. We have offices in Dublin and Offaly and provide a Nationwide service. Our highly qualified and experienced loss assessors guarantee to process your claim as quickly and professionally as possible and to obtain the best possible settlement on your behalf.

While Eden Claims Management Ltd was only officially formed in 2010 its Managing Director, Trevor Ryan, had been involved in the claims management and loss assessing industry for many years. The company was formed as a result of a frustration with both Insurance companies and Loss Assessing firms alike and through his own experiences in the industry Trevor felt that there was a requirement in the industry for a Claims Management company to cover all the inadequacies which were apparent with other Loss Assessing firms at the time.



Claims due to Fire or smoke damage can be the most devastating claims possible. In many cases fire damage to a property can result in a total loss of the property .ie. the building will have to be totally demolished and re-built.


The definition of Subsidence is the sinking down of land resulting from natural shifts or human activity, frequently causing damage to buildings. Subsidence due to natural shifts are very uncommon in Ireland.


In recent years due to our changing climate the flooding of properties has become more common. Most flood claims are as a result of extremely heavy rain which causes drains to block and overflow.


What do I do If I have a claim?

Call your Insurance company and inform them of your loss. Alternatively you can call Eden Claims Management who will carry out a free no obligation site visit within 24 hrs of your call and advise you whether you have a valid claim, what value your claim may be and if it is worthwhile in making the claim. If at that stage you want to proceed with the claim, Eden Claims will then inform the Insurance company and will be better placed to inform insurers about the incident and the likely cost involved. The policyholder should also be aware that they must make every effort to minimize their loss, so for instance if you have a leak you must make sure it is stopped immediately and does not cause any further damage once discovered

How much does it cost?

Eden Claims Management Ltd charges a fee of €500 plus VAT for all claims with a settlement value below €4,500, €1,000 for any settlements between €4,500 to €10,000, €3,000 for claims between €10,000 and €20,000,  €4,000 for claims between €20,000 and €30,000, €5,000 for claims between €30,000 and €40,000, €6,000 for claims between €4,0000 and €50,000 and 10% of the settlement for any claims above €50,000. All are plus VAT.

Over the last number of years we have found that this fee is offset by the value we bring to the claims process and does not leave the policyholder out of pocket. Eden Claims do not charge any fee unless there is a settlement paid out.

Why hire a Loss Assessor?

Insurance companies do not inform you of your entitlements nor do they help you compile your claim or advise what you can claim for. To ensure you are receiving your full entitlement under your policy you need a qualified and regulated Loss Assessor to guide you through the process to ensure that you are not left to bear any costs.

What is the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?

This is a very common question for people who are experiencing a property claim for the first time. In summary the Loss Adjuster works on behalf of the Insurance company and a Loss Assessor works on behalf of the policyholder. We explain in further detail below to help you understand. Firstly we will explain the role of the Loss Adjuster. The Loss Adjuster is appointed by the Insurance company to deal with the claim on their behalf and is supposed to be impartial and independent however unfortunately this is seldom the case. The Loss Adjusters fees are paid by the Insurance company and they also instruct Loss Adjusters on how exactly they should settle claims and also most Insurers provide Loss Adjusters with very strict guidelines as to what they can pay out. If Loss Adjusters do not abide by these instructions then they would not be keeping their clients, The Insurance Companies, happy and would therefore have to suffer the consequences. It is not widely known but some Insurance companies keep league tables on Loss Adjusting companies to compare their performances and those who are higher on the league tables invariably receive a greater portion of their business. In the light of this it is particularly difficult for a Loss Adjuster to remain independent.


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Trust us to help you…

Eden Claims guarantee to process your claim as quickly and as professionally as possible. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every aspect of our work. We offer a unique service that allows you to track your claim online from start to finish with weekly updates and we are the only loss assessors in Ireland to offer this service to clients.

…when you need us most


It is your responsibility to ensure your home has the correct rebuild cost. The SCSI web page can assist with this, as you can see from the link there are different areas of the country with different costs per square metre. If you have a claim on your property and your home is underinsured by 20% your claims will be reduced by the same percentage.

So if your claim is for €10,000 and your home is underinsured by 20% the amount you will receive will be €8,000.

Please click the link below and review your home rebuild cost, you will find your existing rebuild costs on your insurance schedule.